Step your game up xbox live

So I just saw the line up for the January playstation plus line up and I must it looks pretty dang sweet. Playstation is getting games for every system yet we still only get 2 and you have to get it in 15 days or it's gone. I am not sure what Microsoft is doing wrong here but playstation plus looks a whole lot better right now than xbox live does. Yeah Yeah I know your gonna bring up stability and server this and that. I am talking about just the games. PS+ had sleeping dogs 6 months ago. The PS4 had free games day one yet we are left with an arbitrary 2014 for the xbox one. Look I'm 10 years in with xbox live so I ain't going anywhere but they gotta do much better than what their doing in regards to the games offered(quantity/quality). Major Nelson, Phil, whoever else make decisions about Live get on the ball, Because although you can say we can do this and that at the end of the day it's about games and right now you ain't looking so hot. Yeah I'm a ps+ member as well. Link to the PS+ video included.


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