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I'm looking at getting a steering wheel for the Xbox one in a month or so. I've read a load of reviews, spoke to some peeps abut them, however I've not heard any reviews from average gamers. I'm probably going to get the Thrustmaster TX 458, has anyone had any hands on experience with these, any quirks, annoyances, do you prefer the Madcatz.  It's all well and good seeing reviews online but an honest opinion from a forum member would be cool.

It's going to be mounted on a rather sturdy coffee table in front of my couch, table sits around 16" high, its very heavy so I hope the clamps are sturdy, pedals will be on the deck, hopefully using the carpet gripper it comes with, if not I think I could make something up to support them. 



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I have the Thrustmaster TX 458.  I have had it for about a year and have not had the first problem with it.  I am eagerly anticipating breaking it out again in a couple of weeks when Project Cars releases.  The only flaw to it in my opinion is that it is not wireless so depending on how close/far you sit you may need to get a usb port extension cord.

Whats the cheapest you can get it for?

£220 is the cheapest I've seen.

They look like fun, I kinda like the look and fact you can change the tension on the pedals with the Madcatz. But the TX has a bit more going for it I think. 

I'm about 6ft from console and TV dude, how long is the USB and power cable?

Um, not cheap?

All of the wheels I've seen have always been $100+, and I used to own 1. :(

You can find a ton of info on wheels right here. There are many people talking about what they use and how its set up.

Nice one fyerball guna have a gander at that.

i got 458 from cex for £180 and the f1 wheel add on for £80

the clamps may not fit on the table Maple. u can get a stand for £40 on amazon which folds up

I'd avoid the MadCatz. No clutch pedal. no option for shifters other than the paddle and the biggest only works with the One.

If you're going to spend more money on a wheel than your console cost don't pigeon hole yourself into only being able to use it on only one platform.

Since there still isn't a release date on the Fanatec, the Thrustmaster TX is currently your best option and it's a good wheel.

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