Steelseries Spectrum 5xb Help.

Morning all,

So, Steelseries just gave me a set of Spectrum 5xb Medal of Honor Edition which is great, but I've encountered a big of a problem that I'm hoping you chumps ( I mean fine citizens) can help with :D

I've got them all set up as per the instructions, but as soon as I set Voice Preferences to Headset I can no longer hear anyone speaking to me, but they can hear me. If I change the Voice Preferences to Speakers or both I can hear them, but then I cannot adjust the voice volume seperately - only by using the gain volume.

Anyone had this before, and if so how did ya fix it?




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Sounds like a ballache mate, You contacted them about it?

I'll contact them today, but I was hoping somebody here had some experience with it

I haven't I'm afraid. We've recieved Astro A30's and A40's.

are you sure its a bold thing to say.

i have the problem i can hear voice but i can speak to em