Starting to think Microsoft forgetting about the UK and other markets

Have had a preorder for the xbox one back to day one when preorders were started hoping that the xbox one development would further my connection to xbox going back to first console and was looking forward to next generation. As more info came out I started to get worried with the focus on tv integration into the xbox one. I know the core market for xbox one is the states where tv integration could be a viable addition to the system but hearing the news that it could be middle of next year at the earliest that there could be a sky app has me wondering if other markets have not the priority as the US. Sky is the biggest of the None terrestrial TV providers in the UK and for not having them onboard from day one I have fears this will never come to be in the UK.


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Last I heard Sky was just being a little feisty on the matter. It'll all sort itself out in the end I reckon, so I shouldn't panic if I were you.

To be fair to Microsoft, its not their fault that the Sky App isnt available at launch, its Sky for not getting a Sky App ready.


Also regarding the TV Guide integration, all we have been told is that it will be next year (i.e the ability to say "Xbox TV" and then "Xbox chanel Dave" or whatever chanel you want) So theoretically they could have the TV Guide as early as February or March (though I doubt it)

Thanks for the replies I must admit the Tv function is not a high priority for me like some of the snap options especially the internet as many i times I have struggled to get past or gain an achievement and having the info on the same screen love to see if that is workable. I just hope some missing abilities at the launch dont lessen the pull of the xbox one for new buyers in the uk as the pr war has not went very well in the uk. I have both a 360 and ps3 and using both systems have found the online experience for the PS3 to be way below the quality of Xbox live which I believe in the first quarter of next year will be shown how the PSN network is years behind and the moaning will start.

It isn't a big priority for me as well, however, it's nearly 2014, you have to keep in mind that the One has a LOT of features going for it.  Some, I have zero interest in, others have me salivating.  As David Bazan once wrote, "It's good to have options."

Microsoft has definitely thought more about the UK market as the console is released the same day as the states. Waiting a few weeks last generation was hard to take.

You can always use your Sky go account through Internet Explorer to watch TV through the Xbox if you need to. I know it won't have the kindest voice commands and such but is an alternative. That or just watch through the Sky box. I'm sure the app will be sorted out sooner rather than later too :)

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I am hoping they do get the Sky app sorted sooner rather than later. It was one of the main reasons I stuck with the Xbox one as I tend to look at the football on the xbox in a different room (to stop the missus complaining about watching it). I really don't want to have to keep switching between my 360 and Xbox one all the time. I am planning on getting a free view box to hook up to the One too so I have a lot of the channels that the sky app doesn't have it will be handy having an all in one place to watch TV.