Started playing a Video through Xbox Fitness for looksies and now I can't get it it to stop!

So I loaded up Mossa Ok, pretty cool video but there is no way to pause it except for going back home.  I can't go back to the list of videos, rewind or fast forward either.  What am I doing wrong?  I hit every single button on the controller to no avail.  The only way I found was to go home and press the start button to quit the app.  Any ideas?


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Use the "View" button to bring up video controls during exercise (the one with 2 boxes above d-pad). It works for me.

No offense or anything but I don't get why people like this.  You can get every one of these exercise videos on youtube anyway.

I think people like this is because you are being tracked, your records are being recorded, would of thought it was pretty obvious has to why, as you are simply watching a video on youtube and may not be doing it correctly kinect sets you straight, obviously some people cant see the wood for the trees, no offence

i started doing it for gamerscore lol