Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Interested in buying this game but I have a few questions?

1) Will it play on a Xbox 360?

2) Does it play like Skyrim/Oblivion or Dragons Age/Final Fantasy?

 Cheers Jod


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Hi Jod


"Knights of the Old Republic" will play on your 360.  I have a copy myself and it's on the backwards compatible list.


It plays a little bit like "Dragons Age" and was made by the same that eventually became EA Bioware (i.e. the original Bioware).


The combat consists of you instructing your character on what actions to take and the computer carrying them out for you (sort of rolling the dice for each action and attack like a Dungeon Master in the old D & D).


The game plays through an emulator so it actually looked a little better on the original XBox but it is one of the greatest games you'll ever play.


While in the middle of playing it most people remark "This has to be the greatest thing I've ever played in my life".


The graphics and controls will seem a little bit dated but if you can get past that you're in for a fantastic game.


Hope that helps.



Not much of a contribution just wanted to mention it was one of my favourite titles for the original xbox, one of the only games I have ever gone back and played through again almost immediately.
The 2nd one is great fun too but not quite as good as the 1st. I keep hoping both of these will turn up in the Arcade section after a nice HD refit, doesn't seem like it is going to happen though.:(

Also you likely know but you do need an official MS HDD to play xbox originals.

It is backwards compatible but it has horrible framerate issues on the 360. The game is great but I'd recommend playing it on the original xbox.

Best. Game. Ever. As above,best played on PC nowadays anyhoo, with mods & wired Xbox pad! ;)

I don't have an original xbox so I can't use that as a point of reference, but I have played Kotor on 360 and it's a mess. I don't know if the original game is meant to be a slideshow when you're attacking enemies. At any rate, the game is constantly on sale on Steam so wait to buy that one. Even a crummy old laptop will play this game better than your 360.


It plays like Dragon Age btw


Also, more often than not, playing xbox games on an original xbox will yield better results than playing through the 360's emulation. As an example, Halo 2 has this really annoying ghosting effect (on single player at least)

KOTOR is one the greatest RPG's ever. Go play it nao.

I think one of the reasons for Knights of the Old Republic playing so badly on the 360 is that it uses ATI graphics, compared to Nvidia in the original Xbox.


When I was first playing the game on the PC I remember the nightmare it was with the Radeon 9250 that I was using. Frame-rates were terrible and when there were smoke/steam effects, movement was like teleporting across the room.


I tried every tip and tweak I could find on the internet but nothing worked. Eventually I put in a GeForce 4MX (which was a little weaker than the 9250) and all the problems vanished and the game played smoothly.


Oh and bear in mind if you do go for the PC version that it does not support widescreen resolutions, so you'll have to track down a mod if you want to use one.