Standby or off?

Hi everyone,


I was wondering what everyone was doing with their Xbox One when powering down - are you leaving it on standby mode or powering down completely?


So far I have left mine in standby but it makes me nervous as the power brick is slightly warm and the fan is moving in it (you can hear it if you put your ear to it). I may be being paranoid, but I wondered if leaving it in standby is harmful for it in the long run, if it may shorten the life of the system?


Anyways, just wanted to see what other people are doing. I may decide to power down completely, or at least if I know I wont be able to play for a long period.




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I've left mine in standby and havent given it a second thought, if the powerbrick does break then we have the option of ringing Microsoft and getting them to send us a new one.  If the same thing happened on a rivals console we would have to send back the entire console.


At the end of the day though you have to do what you feel is right, the chances of the powerbrick going wrong is slim to none, and the benefits of leaving it on standby far outweigh the negatives.

Had mine on 'Stand-By' since Friday. But I have been off work this week, when Im back at work I'll probably dropped the power fully.


I doubt leaving it on 'Stand-By' would have any long term effect on the console, if fact I would be more tempted to say fully powering off and on over time would do more damage.

I think its personal choice. Being one of the older generation :O)  I like to totally turn all my devices off and unplug them at the socket when I'm not using them, or when I retire to bed.

I would love to have my Xbox One available to come on with my voice and quickly, but with energy prices going through the roof here in the UK, I can certainly see why some may show concern.

As above I power mine down completely..., plug from socket... just habit I suppose.  But it's not worth me leaving it plugged in constantly because of work etc etc,  it only takes a minute to boot up anyway so it doesn't really bother me.

I also work 9-5 daily and I leave mine in instant-on (standby) mode. Do we have any statistics regarding energy usage when it's in this mode? I don't imagine it'll be using ridiculous amounts of energy. As far as I can tell, all it does in standby is listens for commands and completes any active downloads.

There have been various reports of its power draw in standby. I've read anywhere between 15 to 18 watts while sleeping, but if you say Xbox it can go up to 20 watts breifly as Kinect waits for you to complete the command to turn it on.

Gotta say that it is tremendously handy to have it come on so fast from sleep. The PS4 doesn't come up that quick from its standby mode. However, I'm also from an older generation so I'm not used to this type of situation either. It was always on it off. Even with the 360/PS3, although they had standby modes, when you shut the system down it was just console off, and the choice wasn't as obvious. Now having that choice presented to me it makes me paranoid!

I'm a cold boot man myself, and I always have been. When I'm done the Kinect gets unplugged and put into it's little shell from the original packaging, the HDMI comes out of the Xbox and gets put back behind the other devices, and the Xbox slides back under the table, powerbrick first, for another well earned rest. It sounds tedious I have no doubt, but having done it like that since I can remember, it comes naturally.

wow sounds like allot of work, I would never consider unplugging my console from the wall

All I do is unplug it from the xbox taking it from the main source always results in a sparky re-plug.

once I unplug it from the box the power brick slowly shuts off giving the fan extra time to cool down, IF I just pull the plug from the power bar it just shuts RIGHT off NO cool down.


I'm a little nervous to leave a video game console in a standby mode all of the time (the theory that maybe I can extend its life by a couple of months if I turn it off every once in a while).   Also, I can hear the console/power brick when it is in standby more.  

If I'm going to be playing several times in a day - standby, but at night I like to shut it off completely (or prolonged times, over 6 hours, when I'm not going to be using the console).

It is kind of like I do with my computer - standby/sleep when I might be using it off and on / shut down when I won't be potentially using it for a while.  

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