I have a stalker. He harasses me constantly. Against my better judgment, I finally changed my gamertag. Along with that, I literally changed everything on my profile. My picture, my motto, my location, my avatar...everything. I played for about ten minutes when this stalker basically said "nice try" and continues to harass me. 

We have never been friends and I have blocked him.

1) How did he know that it was me?

2) How does he continue to send me messages if he's blocked?

3) Why will Xbox doing absolutely NOTHING about this, despite reporting him hundreds of times using three different methods?


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Is he on the friends list of one of your friends?

It would be very easy for him to find you if he is.


You could change your privacy setting so only friends can contact you.

If he is blocked there is no way he can contact you on that account,unless you send him a message which automatically unblocks him.

What Owen has said is probably the way to go. Some people are jerks and have way too much time on there hands. I hope PET enforcement looks into it soon and hopefully does something about it. Just be patient.

"Be patient"...I began reporting him in September! I'd say that Xbox needs to find a new "enforcement team".

How can both blocking and only allowing friends to message you still not be enough?  Am I missing something?  

If he has your IP address for your xbox, it doesn't matter how many times you change your information, he will be able to find out when you get online. Suggestions? Do what owen said, and change your IP address on your xbox

[quote user="QuikDraw47"]

"Be patient"...I began reporting him in September! I'd say that Xbox needs to find a new "enforcement team".


Blocking communication is not enough. Set online status to friends only, random players and stalkers will not be able to join games/parties.

It takes a while for the new GT to show up on friends lists, profile, etc.