SSX - Whats your best Mountain/score/tricks?

SSX brilliant game don't ya think. Whats your fav mountain for tricks? What about those hard mountains with the death-drops scattered all over the place Mt Blanc i think it is. Zombies with a jetpack i found difficult beating my friends.


Whats your best trick score? I've seen someone do 52 million in the global events mode.. I had a go of same slopes and only managed under a million lol. 52mil takes some practice eh.


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hehe i still have the demo sitting on my hdd just haven't got round to playing it yet

Serenity, himalayas 43,700,456 .. is my best score . its all about zig zagging across the slope rather than straight line.. then you get the big scores .. normally i get 20 million in score and the rest is for keeping my combo going from the top to the bottom. .. SSX RULES !!

its annnoying when you set a diamond standard score, with only 3 or 4 minutes remaining and some pro's comes along and you end up with a gold . . .   think my best score so far is about 22mil using kaori on a level 5 board or something like that.