Sponsoring a LAN Party

Dear XBOX Enforcement Team.

I was told by the support to make a topic here about sponsoring a lan party.

We are 50-100 students that are going to make a LAN Party, where we would like to giveaway, and play on some consoles.

We were thinking that we would need some xbox one's and a few xbox 360's.

Would it be possible to make a deal about this?


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Support is incorrect.  The PET has no power to give out free consoles.  I wouldn't even know where to begin to ask where you could start but I don't think you'll have to much luck as I think MS would be more inclined to donate some to charity as opposed to giving some as prizes.

Thanks for the help man :)

I will try to fin another way then ;)

btw nice unboxing video :)

Thanks.  You should read some of the comments.  They're hilarious.  lol