Split-screen/app/game speculation.

I'm guessing the answer is a no, but technically if you can have two games running at the same time in theory could you have 2 games running on split-screen? As far as I've been able to tell the other game would run in the background. Based on what I've found so far with the split-screen you have an game and an app running, like Idk Battlefield 4 and Tv/Netflix etc.

So what I'm wondering is could you run say Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3 at the same time in split screen with one person playing each game. I would assume the frame rates would drop and it wouldn't really work out. It would be really neat though, that would make basically any game split-screen, running 2 instances of the same game. SO far there seems to be no evidence of this being the case.


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no only certain apps can be snapped and have snap support, you can't run 2 games.

Wouldn't that cause the system to crash due to the extra processing thats needed? Don't think it would be possible

That's what I was thinking. It sounds impossible to do... if someone ran 2 instances of a game like BF4 I would imagine the XBOX would just be like "wtf are you doing to meeee" and explode. Literally. In the case of arcade games like hidden in plain site type of stuff maybe it would be possible.

I also wonder how the vid chat thing will work... it'd be cool if you can change the size and put it up in the corner when you're playing like the way "pewdiepie" etc type of stuff looks.

Anything can be snapped but no not 2 games. Literally anything though can be snapped with eachother.

It's already been confirmed that you can't play 2 games simultaneously unless you're using the pass-through on the Xbox One with another console like your Xbox 360. However, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to do the same with 2 Xbox Ones...

@Galatic Geek... this is news to me what are you talking about? You can connect your Xbox 360 and play it while playing the Xbox One with the splitscreen?

Not necessarily split-screen (that's a maybe at best). But if you go way back to the Xbox One reveal, you can see Don Mattrick swapping from 1 thing to another instantly. 1 of the things he swapped to was TV because he had a cable box attached to his console. Instead of the cable box, you could have an Xbox 360 (or any other console) attached to your Xbox One console through the HDMI pass-through & swap to it instantly at the press of a button or by saying a couple of words. So, splitscreen - maybe; instant swapping between 2 consoles & their games - yes.