Spencer: Dropping Kinect not number one request; Molyneux: Kinect free Xbox is coming


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Love how Molyneux calls Kinect "unnecessary" and "more and more like a joke" when several years ago he was on the E3 stage calling it a "landmark in computer entertainment".

Lol... I was just about to bring up Kate and Milo.... Molynob...

Seems he talks to Kinect with his son the same way he conducts interviews... Spouting random stuff!

I take what Mr Molyneux says with a very "large" pinch of salt.

I'm one that still hopes though they never make Kinect optional but I'm not convinced that I will get my wish, who knows for sure, I bet Microsoft don't know at the moment.

Be interesting though, I mean can get a Xbox One/Kinect with game for around £400 now, depending where you look so if a Xbox One on it's own releases, what are we talking? £299, maybe even cheaper? how would Sony respond, can they even respond?

I'm still happy to have paid what I did for both consoles, I can never wait but a year from now it makes you wonder how much I could of saved ( for both ) if I had waited lol

So it's official.

Kinect is here to stay.

We knew this already.

Official, Kinect here to stay? I personally hope so.

I think of a tweet Mr Spencer put out not so long back when he took over as head of Xbox ..

"I want to give the gamers what they want" ..

Trouble is why there's loads that do want Kinect to stay, there's still loads out that there don't, probably a lot waiting for a Kinect-less version whilst hoping for even further price drops before they take the plunge.

I know Microsoft have said time and time again, "Kinect is here to stay" .. with any company though, saying is one thing, doing it is something else. Having said that, my "hunch" is that it will stay, who can say for 100% certainty though? I doubt even Microsoft know what the future holds.

Seeing as MS are pushing Kinect V.2 for the PC later this year and wanting more cross platform applications (PC, Tablet, Console etc) I think its here to stay.  

I'm not bothered about killer Kinect games really,  I like how it functions to control the console, profile sign ins etc.  For me it's not a peripheral it's integral to my enjoyment and my user experience.  

. Im not mad I was replying to Votes who's post has disappeared?? 

Oh so like the 360 then?

Kinect is just so good.  Why would anyone want an XBox One without it.  Nothing better than watching a movie, getting up, Saying "XBox Pause" go put kettle on the say "XBox Play".  Now I'm waiting for my cup of tea instaed of looking for, and waiting for the power up on controller.

Couldn't agree more!

See , I was originally a nay sayer regarding Kinect , but since getting a One I'm all for it , unsnap this , record that ........good job they keeping it.

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