Spartan Ops problem

So I'm running through SOps on Legendary after a first run on Normal

I get to The Didacts Gift  and as usual I'm taking my time moving round the map finding ammo and weps  keeping my distance taking sniper and DMR kills  then when the runtime reaches 1hr and 30 seconds ( yeah I know but I do like taking my time )  it all shuts down black screens  goes to the game over screen gives me a 1K +  score and that's it  I have to start again , well I did it 3 times last night , same thing each time  shut down after an hrs playing .

Nowhere does it say there's a time limit on any of the episodes and it just seems like I'm being forced to play  faster than I want to. It hasn't happened on any other episode and I have taken over an hr for some of them , exploring etc 

Anyone else had the same problem? 


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none of the episodes have a time limit, you can play for as long as it takes and die as many times etc. If you are getting this on the new Spartan Op episodes (6-10) try redownloading the 2gb DLC and see if it resolves it

i downloaded spartan ops 6-10 and everytime i try to play any of the new episodes it says i have content missing, any idea why

The HALO 4 servers have had serious issues last 24hrs, at one point no one had access to their online profiles so all had default armour,load outs and SR 1...might be connected to that


You could try deleting it and downloading it again and see if the game detects you have it