Space Marine

When the game came out i was told there would be a horde to it. Since iv been playing it i cant find one.


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I think it's being released as free DLC in the next 30 days.



ermm i seem to be missing something

can someone explain how you lock onto an oppsing player with your gun?

im getting a bit fed up with  jump packing away from  some people but they seem to be able to continue firing at me  by locking on i dont believe anyone is that good at this game already  

getting annoying when a level 6 can lock on and follow around  without missing a shot

Definitely looking forward to the DLC now, after 2 weeks of playing the same 4 maps its starting to drag a little. Its a great game and a nice change from the usual shooters I play but 4 maps was lame tbh. I just hope they do not tack them on as 800/1200 msp DLC because there really should have been more in the box to begin with.

And the 'unlock all challenges' achievement is going to make me go bald :P.
I just suck with some of the weapons so maybe in a year I might have managed it. Really impressed with the game overall though and after so many years of waiting for a non PC WH40K title it was not disappointing.

Fingers crossed we will see some Eldar, Necrons and Nid's in the future. No point in having a bolt pistol if there are no Genestealers to frag :).

Hello I´m a spanish ultramarine. Where I can download the Exterminatus mode? I can´t see it in Xbox Live Bazar nor the game. Please help me loyalists!

There's a patch they need to get out first (some details on the Space Marine forums about it) that should fix up some MP lag issues some are having. Both should be released soon enough. I don't mind as in the mean-time it's making me play Seize Ground a lot which is no bad thing...

Where is Exterminatus!!! poor show xbox!!!

Its called Exterminatus and it is indeed being released as free DLC in the next month.

Sorry for the poor link but when I tried to use the rich formatting I got an error message :(

which is kind of strange......

I've just picked this up the other day and nearly finished the single player and I've quite enjoyed it. I was just wondering is there many people online to play with and how is the multiplayer if its good online I might get live back now rather than waiting till I get MW3. Thanks

I really enjoyed the campaign and it is definitely the highlight of the game for me, its basically brutal close combat for the most part with a chain axe and some big guns. You could play the game at range if you wanted but really the fun was in the melee for me.

I have not done it on hard yet (going to start it on the weekend) but it had some fairly challenging moments thrown in on the lower difficulty. So it should last a little longer & be a fairly rewarding experience on the hardest setting.

Mainly it was just great fun, having a few dozen Orcs all charge at you together makes for some fairly epic moments. If you like to see chunks of enemies flying around, get into some scrapes and have some fun its a good crack. I would tell you some highlights but I don't want t post any spoilers.

Others may feel differently but I am happy to have spent £35 on it.

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