sp or 4 player co-op

with gears 3 having 4 player co -op story mode will u start off the story mode in co-op or will you play it solo for first time? im thinking playing solo for first time so that there is no rushing and can listen to the story


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Same. I dont like others ruining the game for me when playing camapigns for the first time. Will do co-op after I've finished it though.

Solo, seeing as i'm silver and also for the reasons you've said.  I'll probably complete it on Insane before i try multiplayer/co-op or other game modes.

2 player co-op with one of my best mates first, then insane playthrough with 4 player co-op

Normally like to play it solo to start with or play it with my little brother or a good friend of mine as we both respect that we don't want to ruin the story for each other. Playing co op first time is fun if it's done without the game being ruined. The reactions of it for the first time with a group of people is great,

Definitely solo, if I get the game. I'm not big into co-op online unless it's with friends I know well, and who are prepared to slow down a bit so we can enjoy the story as well.

Single player first, 2 player Co-op with my brother afterwards. I doubt I'll ever play 4 player co-op, I haven't played with anyone on my FL for months now.