Sourround sound headphones any chance to connect those to 360??


Lately I been thinking on how to get souround sound with my 360 and i wondered if there is any chance to connect usb souround sound headphones because as I know 360 doesn't have any 3.5 jack plugs so... in case there is no other way I thought of connecting my sorround sound system that i have under my tv using the Teslink and than plug normal 3.5 jack headphones to souround sound system all, if any one got any idea about it i would appreciate it :)


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Ok i just found out for anyone that didn't know there is a way of doing it by buying quite expensive headphones with either connection through Teslink into a like "router" box which than send 5.1 signal to the head phones or you can just plug the headphones using the audion (white and red) cables but im not sure if that give full 5.1 soround sound  

Oh yeah forgot about the website with some headphones cheaper and the more expensive ones

I don't think either of those posts answered the question you initially asked about plunging usb headphones into an xbox sound source.  I've seen plenty of nice xbox head sets.  I don't think your link has anything to do with the question.

Yes Toslink Optical SPDIF goes by several names is the only way to get Dolby 5.1 out of the 360. The red and white are purely stereo and the 360 puts out the audio calibrated for coming out of stereo speakers on a TV and won't sound exactly right through headphones. If your sound system can handle Dolby 5.1 and can do Dolby Pro Logic down mixing then your all set and any old headphones will have fairly accurate simulated surround sound.

You can get a portable headphone amp/dac that has a usb or optical connection.. All you would need to do would be to connect the headphone into the amps headphone jack. I made a blog listing around 30 of such devices ranging from 50.00-1,750. My blog is on My SN there is kool bubba ice. Good luck!

yep, u need the optical hookups. To bad they're made out of junk plastic, you'd think someone would come up w/ a better engineering design...sound great tho.

thanks guys I appreciate your replies btw I decided that there is no point in spending my money I'll just wait till my dad buys a new cinema system thanks again