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Hi guys,

I seem to have an issue with the sound from the xbox through the tv.  When im watching sky etc everything sounds fine, however if i play a game, watch a film or even listen to music through on the xbox i need to turn the sound up on the tv to hear it.

There isnt a problem with the tv or hdmi cable so im curious to find if there is a way of turning the sound up on the xbox... is this possible or does anyone have any ideas whats going on??


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Hello Titus Ramshank! To fix this go to the Settings tab on your dashboard. Then select Preferences and what youre looking for is under Voice. If you need any further help just create a comment on this post and I will get back to you.

Games, the dashboard, and video apps have wildly different levels. I often find myself having to turn the volume up about 18-20dB when watching video content on the Xbox 360. They simply aren't compensating for differences in the way audio is mixed. Movie sound leaves a lot of headroom for effects and is expected to be played loud, so average dialog level there in a 5.1 mix is about 30dB below digital full scale.

Surprisingly, Xbox 360 games don't leave as much headroom above dialog. All sound is typically louder and closer to digital full scale (some games even clip).

So - unfortunately - those huge variations in audio levels between games and video apps are normal on the Xbox 360.

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OP...though levels do vary amongst different programs, it should be direct applications, like games, that are louder. Many TVs have dynamic sound leveling, so check your sound menu for an option like a volume limiter, or Night Mode and turn that off.


This might help.

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If you are not using a TOSLINK Optical Cable, on your Xbox Console.. You will need, to set your audio settings to Digital Stereo, while using HDMI..

From Dashboard, Scroll Right with Right Shoulder Button & go to System, Console Settings, Audio, Digital Output, (Digital Stereo)