sound function on working on xboxone can make it turn the console on

I was told that australia wont have the up date for a cople of weeks is this true and dose any one know if the xboxone ir reagion free


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General InfoChat start time Nov 30, 2013 5:52:40 PM ESTChat end time Nov 30, 2013 7:52:18 PM ESTDuration (actual chatting time) 01:59:37Operator IsabellaChat Transcriptinfo: Please wait for an agent to respond. The current average wait time is  19  minutes. Thank you for your All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is  11  minutes. Thank you for your All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is  9  minutes. Thank you for your All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is  5  minutes. Thank you for your All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is  2  minutes. Thank you for your All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is  0  minutes. Thank you for your Privacy Statement You are now chatting with 'Isabella'scott: HiIsabella: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Isabella. Please give me a moment to review your question.scott: HaloIsabella: Hi. Thank you for staying on the line.Isabella: Am I chatting with Scott?scott: Yesscott: Cant turn xboxone on with voice commands Isabella: I see. no worries I will my best to get this resolve for you.Isabella: By the way how was your day Scott?scott: Just woke upIsabella: Oh that's good.scott: Will this take longIsabella: I will give you some steps to follow to start our troubleshooting.Isabella: Is that fine?scott: Yes scott: HaloIsabella: Please go to settings>>Power & start up>>select power mode energy saving>>make sure to put a check mark under "wake up xbox by saying xbox on"Isabella: Let me know if that one works.Isabella: I am just right here to assist you.scott: okIsabella: Great.scott: It dose not have that optionIsabella: All xbox one do have the option can please double the settings from your xbox one?scott: Its not thereIsabella: *youscott: There is no optionscott: Under power optionsIsabella: Let me walk you through. Is that fine?scott: YesIsabella: Are you in settings now?scott: YesIsabella: great.scott: I dont have all dayIsabella: Please look for Power & start up and it does have power logo on the boxIsabella: I very sorry Scott. Let me do this as fast as I can.scott: Yes thats where I wasscott: Its not therescott: Im in australiaIsabella: Now do you see  power mode energy saving?Isabella: It is under power options.scott: I have been told that there will be an up date for itscott: Yes it dosent have any box to tickscott: It just says choose instant-on to:Isabella: Do you see any word like power mode though?scott: With 3 dot pointsscott: YesIsabella: Above the instant-on to is the power mode please click that one.scott: Its on energy-savings modeIsabella: Did you click that one? it will then route you to another page.scott: Yes clicked it still on same page with 2 options download updates and resume games quicklyIsabella: I see. Let me check other option we can do real quick.Isabella: I will give you a link to follow troubleshooting. Is that fine?scott: noscott: I want it work first before we end our conversationIsabella: Let me correct my self Scott.scott: Why dont I have have that optionIsabella: Xbox on voice command for Australia is not yet available however our engineers are now already working on our updates to make it available in your area soon.scott: U told me all xboxs have that optionIsabella: Rest assured we are going to provide you information once it is already available in your area.Isabella: Yes. All xbox has this option as well as your xbox but it is currently disabled since it is not yet available in area or country.scott: Why am I not able to do that just hecause I live in australia and everyone is being told its possable thats a jokescott: So I dont have the function or the option Isabella: Rest assured once the update is done your xbox one will automatically enable the voice command power on option.scott: I am not a happy customerIsabella: I understand how you feel.Isabella: I will take note of this issue for you so that our engineers will work on this as soon as possible.Isabella: Here's what I am going to do for you.scott: I did not receive my fifa on copy my first michine was falti this is a jokeIsabella: May I know where did you pre order your console?scott: They had a cople left I got one of them with no code scott: No I dident pre order itIsabella: I see.scott: What are u going ti do??scott: When will there be an optioIsabella: I am going create a service request in your account detailing everything about you getting the voice command on feature available on xbox one as soon as possible.Isabella: I can feel the urgency of your case Scott. I understand how important the voice command on feature for you.Isabella: In this case I am going to put a high priority level the request I am going to create for you.Isabella: *onscott: I should of had it from day one this is a jokeIsabella: How's that sound?Isabella: I understand. You are a valued customer of Microsoft and I value your concerns.scott: Good but I still have to wate for some thing that was promisedIsabella: We will be working on the improve our new xbox one gen.Isabella: Don't worry Microsoft do have the goal to enable xbox power on voice command in all countries.scott: Why dose it not work in australia scott: U have let me down MicrosoftIsabella: There is actually a program that needs to be set on the console to enable xbox one voice command.Isabella: I am very sorry for my mistake.scott: I want a free game this suxsIsabella: Of misinforming you.Isabella: I was actually checking thoroughly and found out that your in Australia.scott: I tould u thatscott: And u said all xboxs have itIsabella: Yes All xbox have the option however it is enabled in Australia country as of this Your chat transcript will be sent *** Email address is removed for privacy *** at the end of your chat.Isabella: *disabledscott: Why wustraliascott: AustraliaIsabella: There is a program that we need to update which our engineers is now working on.scott: What about a free game because u guys dont have itscott: And can u help me out with my cooy of fifascott: Xbox suxIsabella: As much as I would love to provide you the free game however this option is only available to optical disc drive issue.Isabella: We will be sending you patches as soon as it is already available in your console.scott: Hahaha u make millions and u cant even look after your customers with some thing that cost u nothingscott: Thanks Microsoft scott: It only takes a copl3 of hours to make a programIsabella: This will be available sooner since I have a high priority level of the request I have created for you.Isabella: This is your reference number1225487120scott: Should of had it in the first plac3Isabella: We will be sending you patches as soon as possible.scott: Can I use gamew from AsiaIsabella: I would like to listen to your concern first since you are valued customer.scott: And us an external hddIsabella: USB is not yet active on xbox one it will go together with the updates our engineers are currently working.scott: U u please ask someone about me receiving some thing for not having this ootionIsabella: Yes I will Don't worry about it.Isabella: I have made sure to put a detailed notes of the request.scott: Is it multi r3genalIsabella: Yes we will be sure to make it available in all countries.Isabella: I am very happy I was able to help you with your concern. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?scott: No can u play multi r3genal games on the xboxonescott: So will someone contact meIsabella: It will depend in the area and there are that is only available in australia.Isabella: Yes. You may also provide me your preferred email address and the best phone number we can reach.scott: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***: Thank you.scott: And 0452464007Isabella: Perfect!scott: Can u play mp3 yetIsabella: I would like to verify where are you going to play MP3?scott: In the xboxoneIsabella: If you are going to play it through streaming then you can however if it's through USB then you cannot play it.scott: Will u be able toIsabella: You will need to stream it on the xbox one.scott: Thank you for your helpIsabella: You are very welcome.Isabella: I do appreciate your time.Isabella: Is there anything else I can help you?scott: NopeIsabella: Excellent!Isabella: Have a wonderful day!Isabella: More power to you!Isabella: Thank you for contacting xbox support.scott: Hurry up updatesIsabella: Sure. We will work on that rest assured.scott: Do u playIsabella: Only with kenict Dance central it is just that I love to dance.scott: Can u get an extened warrantyIsabella: The warranty is actually only up to one year.scott: OkIsabella: Alright.Isabella: If you don't have anymore questions.Isabella: I do appreciate your patience and time.Isabella: Thank you for contacting xbox support.Isabella: Have an excellent one to start your day!scott: Or whats happen about fifaIsabella: Free game code will only be generated if you have processed an advance exchange with the console issue "Hard drive failure".scott: That was was what was wrong with my first michineIsabella: Do you still have the reference number Scott?scott: Dident get onescott: They just exchanged itIsabella: Where did you return the console back?scott: EbgamesIsabella: It is actually a system generated email to get the free game. Basically this will only apply if you took advantage of the advance exchange for optical disc issue.scott: Thats not fairIsabella: I do understand however as much as I would loved to once the advance exchange is processed on our end the system will automatically generate the code to send on your email.scott: No fifa no free game no voice onIsabella: Yeah I would be willing to give you the free game however I don't have any hold for it since it system generated.scott: Can I talk to a manger or someone Isabella: Don't worry about your voice command we will be sending you patches as soon as possible.Isabella: Sure. May I have the phone number we can reach you?scott: 0452464007Isabella: Thank you.scott: Its an Australian emailscott: Sorry phone noIsabella: We will call you in 2-3 minutes.Isabella: *tryscott: ThankyouIsabella: You are very welcome.scott: U can skype mescott: Scott Brakelscott: if u cant call meIsabella: We can only try to reach you on the phone number.scott: OkLee: Hi Scott, this is Lee one of the Managers on the floor. I'll be giving you a call in 2-3 minutes. Please bear with me while I'm reviewing your transcript with Isabella.scott: CoolIsabella: I have not heard from you for a while.  Do you still need assistance?  Isabella: I have not heard from you for a while.  Do you still need assistance?  Isabella: Since I haven't heard from you in a while, I'm going to close this chat session. If you still need help, please contact Xbox Support again. 

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