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Due to some glitch in the system I have been charged for my Gold subscription but my account is still silver. I have talked to the Support team 2-3 times now and every time they have said that my account should be fixed by the next day. It has now been nearly a week since the problem arose and I still haven't been able to play online. It is particularly frustrating as it is the middle of the school holidays and I have a lot more free time than usual. I know that a lot of other people are suffering from the same problem. Either give us a refund or provide us with a 1 month code that we can use in the mean time. 


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you have understandable reasons to be frustrated but what do you expect writing your problem in that forum if the Support didnt help ya ? btw - good luck while keep on trying gettin a refund. I think your Idea with 1 month Code wuold be more than fair...


jack, u need to chill, and crazy psych, u need to redownload ur profile for ur gold to take place, which the steps are here

Ive already tried deleting my account and re-downloading it. There was no effect. If that had been the case then my account would be showing as a gold member on

Just called in now. They apologised and gave me a 1 month code as compensation

glad they fixed it...jus be aware that most phone support agent dont do their  job right..some do