Sons Of Anarchy Game

I absolutely love the T.V. show, and was only discussing the other day that it would make a great game, then saw this article doing the rounds on a couple of websites - - Really hope this comes to fruition


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Fingers crossed :)

TV games usually suck (LOST, The Shield, Prison Break). Just play the Lost and Damned.

For fans of the show I hope it turns out ot be a decent game with good production values. It would make a change rather that just a poor half hearted cash in, as per the norm.

It would be intresting as to how/what this game will be like- if it does take off. I have got to agree there is some poor game conversions from the tv series.

It's hard to imagine what they'd do other than a Lost and the Damned ripoff.


Love the series, but I don't hold much hope that it'd be any good, there's not much scope as to what gameplay could be like and it'd pretty much be covering old ground that other games have covered in the past... Gun smuggling, turf wars, Drug smuggling, etc.

The best way to go, if they feel they have to make a game, would be to have a "licensed add-on" to something like GTA.


As far as other TV series tie-ins go, yeah, they're generally pretty painful...

The Walking Dead game (tied to the comic, not the series) isn't looking all that good tbh and the Spartacus game, the only one with any real potential,  seems to of vanished....

Justified is a far better FX TV show anyhow. If it ever came that there would be a game adaptation, there's a wealth of Elmore Leonard books on the Raylan Givens character that they can go for. Not a whole lot they can do with SoA. But the prospect of seeing Ron Pearlman appear in a video game is not to be snuffed at I guess

They could set it in the early days of the club (prequel) maybe tell the story of John Teller and Clay founding the club etc, even throw in a flashback level to Vietnam when they first met just to spice the gameplay up a bit, or if they didn't want to interfere with any of the show's ' canon ' storylines, they could also focus on another of SAMCRO's charter's that they have not just in America but Europe too, who knows ' Sons of Anarchy : London maybe?

Just finished season 3.. OMFG the last few minutes of the season finale was amazing!

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Good news -



Cheers mate.


I love the TV series so I shall be keeping a close eye on this :)

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