Something strange just happened...

I was playing BF4, I turned my xbox one off as I went for something to eat. I turned it back on to play BF4 again... and it when i clicked to start it, it said installing 0% But I didnt delete it or anything, WTF. Now I have to wait while it installs again. Does anybody know why It has done this? Thank you


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sweet baby jesus.  Microsoft is going to wreck about a million kid's (and adult's) Christmases.  It's just wrong!

Mine just told me to turn the neighbors into soup.  

Good gawd somethings wrong with this here console!

well seeing it takes AGES to install thats why I wanted to know what went wrong

Something must be wrong with your console or connection. I had this game fully install WITH the 1 GB update in about 30 minutes.

yes I did also, the 1st time. But why would it delete the game? makes no sense

Is it the game completely. Or is it poss you accidentally cleared your cache and it is re installing your updates??

it was the full game, gone

when i clicked on bf4 to play it just began to install from 0% but it didnt say 1gig update is needed... so i dont know if it kept the update or just downloaded it again

great it even deleted my saved games.

Xbox one is a step backwards from the 360 great work MS