Something odd....

So I go to start to play DG2, and my Kinect shuts off, my controller blinks and my console restarts, then I can play the game (I haven't tried any other games yet)..... what the ---- and why?????


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Some games don't use the Kinect, so it could be shutting off and the console restarting in order to have the maximum available resources available for the game.

It doesn't need to restart to do that.  Games that use Kinect resources just play like any other game.

It started acting up after the infamous mystery update....  all other apps load/work fine. Like I said I haven't tried a different game yet, I guess it could be a DG2 issue.....  


I don't think it's an issue with DG2, I just booted it up and played a couple levels without any issues but I'm having a strange issue since the update that's similar to yours that appears to be controller related.

I've had both Hulu and Netflix shutdown and take me back to the dashboard. I've also had the window pop up several times asking  if I wanted to shut down the console or controller.

My Kinect isn't hooked up and I use the controller to navigate apps/dashboard. All the above happened shortly after I had turned the controller on to navigate Hulu/Netflix or the dashboard and the controller blinked just prior to the above happening.

It's like the home button on the controller has a mind of it's own ( has happened on two different controllers). It doesn't happen every time I turn on the controller so I can't reproduce it.,,,,very strange.

Very weird.  


@Rand, I'm glad to see someone else plays DG2 other than me......  the MP is dead on that game, not that I'm much into MP but I need to survive 100 waves on Grinder to get a couple achievements...


I got the grinder achievement on level 3 and the super grinder one on the last level (20) after numerous failed attempts. All I have left are the grindy achievements 50k kills and 100 golds.

I love TD games so hopefully we see more that aren't the android swipey/click fest ports that seem to be coming to the PC in droves...I TD to think not get carpal tunnel.

BF 4 Fifa 15 now when I go to play them games the console will go blank and go back to the dashboard I have to start them up 2 r 3 times before they play. They are downloads from the store Idon't have the CD. Thank