Something Is Wrong With My Controller? Please Help?

Well, while playing a match of Black Ops 2, I noticed that my character wasn't playing to his fullest. Like, when I try to run/move up, it seemed like he was going in slow motion. Also, when I'm scrolling through the game menus to get to a certain option, the left joystick makes everything go crazy. Black Ops 2 isn't that only game that it's messing up on, there were games like Halo 4 and Far Cry 3. And it seems that all of the game's settings are all on default. I don't know if I need a new controller or something. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Any help would be appreciated, I just don't want to buy a whole new controller. Thanks a lot.


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im surprised in this day and age people are still using controllers. soon it'll be motion sensors.

Anyway the first thing that comes to mind is did you chuck your controller at the wall in fury? this is what i did and it stopped working properly. Try clicking in and pulling out the left joystick a little bit because this was a short term solution for mine until it stopped working.

dont worry about buying a new one, there are loads of fellas out there willing to buy a faulty controller because its their hobby to fix them up and sell them on even if they dont make a profit. so you should sell it for at least half of what youre going to pay for a working controller off eBay.

"stick drift" is what I call that.  My last two controllers have both gotten a bad case of it after only six and nine months respectively.  Only thing I know to do is buy a new controller; as Catalytic pointed out though there are people savy enough to fix the sticks.  I'd buy a new one from Gamestop or anyone who'll honor a return after 30 days... that way if there's any stick screwiness after the first month you can take it back and get a different controller.