Someone yanked my Xbox Live account, Stupid Fifa.

So someone seems to have taken my account the same way a lot of people have. I use the email attached to my account for very few things, and I haven't used this one for much of anything in over half a year.

I NEVER play games online, as I am a shy gamer (though my ex did once, messed up my gamer rep thus why he's gone ;) That was over half a year ago though.)

On this last Saturday, 10/07/11 It seems someone hijacked my account, which happened to have had my debit card attached and did a charge for 4000 'Zune Points' for $49.99 on my account.

I have already contacted the help desk, there is an investigation going on now, my card is removed from the account, along with my only 3  or 4 month into the year gold membership, which had to be canceled to do so. 

My Bank of America account is what as attached, and the representative I talked to was of little to no help, saying how they can't do anything at all besides try to ask Microsoft about what happened. 

The fact that there is no true confirmation of purchase when buying anything through  a linked account is just deplorable.

I know for a fact though that the computer I use with everything is clean of viruses(brand new), I haven't entered any information on websites for 'free/cheap coins'(my mom taught me better), I myself never played online with anyone who could get me and my secret info answer is a junk one I can remember.

The representative I talked to last for xbox admitted they just beefed up security some (unless she lied) and with me asking the right questions said indirectly that this has been happening a great deal. 


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