Someone trying to get me banned AGAIN

So recently i was suspended from Xbox live due to multiple people file complaints and abusing the system. Now a player name (MOD REMOVED) is threatening to get me banned from Xbox because he supposedly sent in a video of me "Cheating" on call of duty black ops 2. I was doing extremely well in the match and ended up going like 49 - 5 while everyone else had less than half the kills than me, but i guess that is reason enough to accuse me of modding? at the end of the match he freaked out on me and called me some pretty racist names and some other things i can't repeat. I would brush this off as another troll on xbox live just trying to scare people, but his bio claims that his cousin works at Microsoft and he's always helping him get people suspended from xbox. 

Just making this post looking for an answer to my question, is it even possible for me to get suspended for something that i didn't do or something they couldn't even prove?


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No matter how many complaints are sent in, if you have done nothing wrong then you have no need to worry about getting banned.

[quote user="IDraxic"]So recently i was suspended from Xbox live due to multiple people file complaints and abusing the system. [/quote]

seeing as you have a code of conduct on your bio,there was clearly something there that broke the rules.

I asked them why and they never gave me an answer, i even made a post but it wasn't answered either

They don't have to answer you. If there is something in your bio, even a hinted at, or implied word or phrase it will get you in trouble. Better to remove everything and either start anew or keep it empty. Just a friendly tip.

If you did not cheat then you will not get banned. Just ignore the flamers and move on.

This player that I dont even khow is sayin that he is gonna ban me can you please do somethin about this his gamer tag is [GT Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums. 


Please, Help yourself!!!   File a report after you block, Mute and Avoid this player all through the console features.

Also, please mind the time stamp or start your own topic.  Don't Name and shame others of any reason.


(for any reason)


Please report and block the user.