Someone please help me

Okay, so my xbox is having numerous issues.

The other day, my xbox started freezing up at the startup screen, I found out that this was due to a corrputed harrd drive, and I managed to fix this issue. To prevent this to happen again, I decided to get a 14gb flash drive and use that as a storage device until I could replace my hard drive. So I configured the flash drive to my xbox and moved all of my data from my hard drive to my flash drive. I twas running just fine at first, but today I tried to get on it and everything was deleted. Everything from gamer pics/profiles, to game saves, and it looked as if my flash drive was never configured in the first place (the 'configure' option was back, and there was no folders/files on it). On top of this, when I go to recover my gamer tag, I need to download an update for xbox live. As soon as I start the download, it fails and gives me the following status code:

351f - 3524 - a080 - 0f00 - 8007 - 0468

I tried to search this code, there were no results, not even on the xbox support page.

Can anyone tell me how to fix these issues? I can live without my old game saves (But I would prefer to get them back) but I really do need my gamer profile back, which I cannot access due to this status code.


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