Someone Playing MW3!!!

Don't know how this guy is playing this already Xbox support on twitter say "he may be a reviewer" lol.


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It's definitely not a review copy because I know these are being sent out to get to reviewers for Monday 1st with embargo lifted for a few days later... I expect if I don't receive anything by tuesday latest, I wouldn't have got one...

If I do get sent a review copy from Activision next few days expect the excitement to send me into a coma...

well no idea, I can them all just fine so no idea why you cant

cheers mate and cockney charmer it dosent show on mine for some reason there locked

^ Il send you a PM just incase anyone doesn't want to see them.

well you can see what they are and what he has unlocked online yesterday here :

Someone said hes getting G from the game? i havent even seen a legit achievment list for the game yet and sadly cant see hes history or anything could anyone post them on here?

Code of Conduct is entered there when the Enforcement Team have edited the profile because it violates the Code of Conduct.

Why do people think writing 'Code Of Conduct' all over their profile doesnt get them noticed or is that automatically placed there when they have been banned before?

[quote user="LoftyBee"]

So it's possible to trick others into thinking your playing a game that your actually not and a game that your not actually meant to be playing now and run the risk of getting caught/banned for it? makes sense lol.


Exactly. :P


I can't see the logic to it either, but the modders love getting their e-peens boosted by doing what they shouldn't. It doesn't show on the console but it does show on the website (and presumably also on WP7 devices). They pretty much run the risk of getting banned for their fifteen minutes of fame, but the idiots who sit and change stuff like that for the quick glory online seem to be accepting of the ban. At least, I haven't seen any of them to be complaining on the official ban forums. ;)

[quote user="ResidentWebbo"]

I think he is playing it. Seems to be getting achievements with timestamps.[/quote]Just because an achievement has a timestamp does not mean it was gained through legitimate gameplay.

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