someone is saying that they are going to hack me and my friends

i was in a party with my friends and someone said he was going to hack me and buy microsoft points on my credit card i filed a complaint can he hack me 


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Only if you have given out any of your account info,and if you have its not really hacking.

You cannot be hacked on xbox live unless you give them your account information, and/or login.  People sometimes get tricked into this with the promise of getting added game content, cheats or unauthorized game progress.  Another good reason not to do that is that it can get you an account ban along with the other party.

If it were so easy I don't think Xbox Live would be near the success it is today.  Just relax, and realize that people say some really stupid things on live.

A. Giving somebody information isn't hacking, it's just you being stupid. B. Yes you can indeed be hacked, it's been done. XBL isn't perfect. Remember when Blizzards authenticators were un-hackable? Yeah they weren't, it was done about 2 years after they let them out, and all they do is bury the articles. And yes going around telling somebody you can hack can be punishable (If LIVE enforcement actually ever did anything) In filed complaints you can see that "promoting hacking" In which saying you can is "promoting" can have a complaint filed against it. Just don't expect anything to be done kiddo, chances are he's probably just mad, but if he's telling the truth you're boned unfortunately.  Best bet is to change the password on your Email connected to your profile 3+ times, near impossible for him to do anything about that.

As long as you don't reveal your information, you'll be fine. Lot's a people just say that to get people worried. This isn't psn lol.

Of course it is possible Emzx99, but I would say that when someone uses it as a threat, they probably don't have the ability.  At least from my experience over the years, that is what I have gathered.  

They can only hack you if they know your details, those people say empty threats and need to learn to grow up :) Submit a player review and avoid him, its good you filed a complaint and also, never talk to him again.

i was hacked awhile back and had about 600MSP taken from my account and there was fifa 2012 played on my profile and i dont own the game i called microsoft and they changed my password and replaced my MSP very quick and were very helpful

Here is are some tips to make your Microsoft account almost 100% secure:

Only use the email address and password you made for Xbox LIVE, for Xbox LIVE.  In other words, make your LIVE account unique.
Utilise the proofs system.  Make sure you have an alternative email address to recover your account.  Better still, add your mobile phone number - and make sure the number is kept up to date.

Did you know that as soon as you play an EA game online on your Xbox console, EA creates an account for you on their system?  You can test this yourself, go to and log in with your Xbox LIVE ID.  You can however change the email address and password for your EA account.  If you haven't done so, do it now.  This creates extra protection for your Xbox LIVE account, because even if EA were to be hacked, your Xbox account would still be secure as the log in credentials would be different.

Many Internet users make the mistake of using only one email address and password for every single website they use.  This, while easier to handle, isn't a good idea.  If just one of those sites you use has weak security and is hacked, the criminals that stole the data will have the potential to try your email and password on all of the popular websites on the Internet and see if they can log in with your credentials, including your Microsoft account.  If your Microsoft account is unique, that can't happen.

These are the most common ways users have their account stolen:

1. They literally give someone their Microsoft account, how silly of them.
2. Weak password,
3. Phished.  Clicked on a website that looks legit, entered their Microsoft account, account is then stolen.
4. So called 'free Microsoft Point generator' website or software.  They give the scammers their account details.
5. Using the same email address and password for every site.
6. Publishing too much of their details on the web including social networking sites.  Information such as Gamertag with real name, address, telephone number.  This information can be used by someone to steal an account simply by calling support and claiming to be owner of the Gamertag they intend to steal!

I was hacked just there by this guy i was playing against on fifa 13. i scored a goal and then he paused the game and i got disconnected. then when i went back online i was sendin him msgs and then he said he would do it again and now i can't sign in? Help please????

His GT is Colt x Commit

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