Someone is mocking my account and causing other people to think I am being a *** to them.

[Mod Removed] is copying my account iarepandemonium . This person has constantly being bugging me, and I believe some of them even send their friends to befriend me and destroy my world for no real reason at all.  I never did anything rude to any of them, in fact, up until the moment they burn *** down, I am nice to them.  I have received threatening messages from [Mod Removed] before as well as the people who created them including [Mod Removed] and various people that are assosiated with them.  When I have sent messages to tell them to stop, they respond by sending the meow mix song.  I don't care about [Mod Removed], but I want the account mocking mine to be removed.


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Naming and shaming on the forums is not allowed i'm afraid, to stop them hassling you anymore, block communications with them via profile options then file a complaint via their name on your xbox, the problem will go away instantly, and they will eventually be banned from XBL if your complaint is upheld.

You should not mention people by name on these forums. Instead, blocking/reporting them on XBL will be more effective

Yeah either just report them or call Xbox if it is really beginning a big problem

This really isn't a big problem. All yo have to do is block them and file a complaint. If you don't like it, when you get matched up with them in an online interaction, just leave. That would be the best thing that you can do other than just ignoring it.

Block them and file a complaint.

Really it took 4 more people to give out the same info that  " Wilko" already gave  the OP FMD