Someone has threatened to have my XBL account banned

At around 9:03 PM and 9:05 PM on March 11th. Someone by the gamertag of "[Mod Removed]" sent me two very threatening messages saying "REPORTED AND SOON BANNED" and "so much trash to ban". As soon as I received the messages I exited my game session and went to the dashboard. I then got on my laptop and contacted Xbox support. I did not file a complaint or reply to the person who sent the messages at all. There was no reason behind these threatening messages at all. I was minding my  own business on a shooter game and this person sent me these messages out of nowhere. I have no idea what I did wrong from his perspective.

Case number: [Mod Removed]


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I take it the people at support told you to post here,they were wrong to do so.

Report them on your console and xblpet will investigate.

The support never told me to post in here. I wonder why they tell that some people…

Reporting is all you can do like THEOWENKILLER said.

Some people just have aggression or a broken ego.

You should not worry about them.

[quote user="HaloJolly"]The support never told me to post in here. I wonder why they tell that some people…[/quote]They tend to do it when they don't know the answer to someone's question. Rather than say "sorry, we don't know" they'll say "you'll need to post about this on the forum".

In fairness to them, it can't be a great deal of the staff doing that or the forums would be flooded with such posts. 

Then there must be a solution.

Hope there will be some soon….

the guy who sent you those messages sounds like a ***.