Someone from Xbox support told me this!

he told me to post in the forums so people could see this!

hes trying to get a button put on that when you click it.... it makes your xbox controllers vibrate! :D

kinda like when you lose your cell phone and you call it, and you can hear the vibrate.

its to help you find your controller in case its under a chair or in the couch or something like that.


tell me your opinion. lets try and help this guy with his new idea :D

if we all say how great it sounds and get alot of people saying that want this to happen

they just might do it for us!

so lets do this!


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Great, but that would be operating under the assumption that the controller is on all the time (the wireless auto shut off after about 15 minutes)...

hmmm, well i dont know how he had it all figured out but he said hes been pushing for it and he asked me to try and get it going around the forum so they would see that we though it was a good idea as well (: just figured id try helping the guy out.

Yeah the fact it shuts off the radio function after time on the controllers means this wouldn't work. Microsoft also likes to save energy as an overall design decision. Reason why if you have a Kinect you can't turn your Xbox on with voice recognition. It shuts down completely to save electricity.

BSA & Smiling Cat are spot on.

it's a great idea in theory. Maybe a next gen console could even have a 'paging' function with a small noise as well.


....but for the xbox360, it just isn't possible.

What if, instead of an alarm or vibration function, instead it just tases the person holding the control if it goes out of a 5 yard radius of the xbox, that way you know that your controller will always be within 5 yards of your xbox. Note, you may find it inside a puddle of drool but hey, there will always be a few bugs to work out before release.