Somehow i just got gears 3, 400 msp and savage grenaider. for £29.79

So i popped into Gstation, and i saw, you get 400 msp per gears of war sale free, so i thought, £40, not bad, then i saw if you trade in 2 games, you get £10 off. so, i immediately thought, fifa 07 and 08, 99p each. i asked the guy, could i technically trade in these two , can i get the offer, i thought i wouldnt get the 400MSP as it wasnt in conunction with any offer. the guys face dropped. he said as long as it wasnt a bundle game then I could do it. so, i gave him the fifa 07 and fifa 08, and he was going to get the discs, but then the women behind the counter said, theres no point. so as i gave him the two pound coin on the counter, but he obviously never took, it. so this i paid 29.79, and he gave me the savage grenaider thingy, and 400 MSP. my receipt breakdown was as follows:

GOW 39.99

D/L 400 Points - 3.50

fifa 08 - 2.60

fifa 07 - 2.60

trade in pre owned EXTRA $5 , yes 5 dollars?

sub total - 38.30


Buy new release sv 5 trade in - 5.01

total saving -5.01

total to pay £33.29

H/O authorisation - 3.50

CAsh tendered - £30

Change -.21

sorry if this is all jumbled due to the browser, just asking, did anyone else get this offer!

Im proper happy like!


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Nice offer.

I got FIFA 06: RTFWC and King Kong so maybe I could trade that in.

Nice one.

Nice one Uncharged - great to see someone else taking advantage of Gamestations stupidity!!!

I like to have a collection PES 2008 games to take advantage of the 'extra £5 off when trading in 2 games' offer.

Kudos to you.

Cool story bro

Nice deal I went down to game this morning and traded dead island due to I couldnt do anymore and paid £4.99 and got the 400 points aswell. No codes for characters or gun dlc but Im not arsed about cosmetics.

gamestattions stupidity. the guy just lowered his head lol when i said could i do it.

argos are offering 800msp`s free with some of the latest releases,including dead island,maybe gears 3 as well.

and they are cheaper than most game shops.

You got ripped off. Other GameStation stores gave away 800ms points.

and to top it up! the savage grenaider code is worth £10 minumum on ebay, so im gonna sell it on there for a quick sale!

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