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lol well apparently I need more help then I thought as I can't seem to even post correctly..Anyhow, here is what it was suppose to say:

Hey guys, my old TV has finally died and I am looking to upgrade to a HDTV but I have a few questions:

1.Is there anything in particular I should look for in a tv that I will be using to game on?

2.Do I need an adapter or something special to make the XBOX become HD? (I keep seeing HDMI pop up; do I need this?)

3.I have been using Turtle Beach X11s on my old tv, so it was a simple plug and play.  However, after reading around these forums, I am gathering that I will need to purchase an adapter of some sort??

1. If you want the best TV for your money, join AVSForum and ask around here. Generally it's better to read reviews and get expert opinions on a TV, rather than going to the store and picking the one you think looks best, because they almost never are.

2.If you xbox has an HDMI port, get this in preparation for your new TV. If it doesn't have one, then a component cable is a good second choice.

3. I'm not familiar with any headsets because I prefer surround sound, but yes, it does look like you'll need an additional adapter to use that if you intend to use an HDMI cable.



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