Some problems I've noticed with the xbone

Some not all of my movies in Xbox video will only play preview in French no matter what language I set it on. The motion control with the Kinect while using internet explorer and YouTube is too sensitive sometimes it thinks my foot is my hand and starts tracking all over the screen. How about giving u an updated flash drive so we can watch videos with internet explorer, it's pretty useless as it is now.  Also sometimes my Xbox doesn't recognize there is a disc in the system it says that if you ow. The game to insert it now and it is already in the console as well as when I first fire up the console sometimes the tv has static lines on it and is jumping from black screen to home screen and won't stop until I restart the console, hopefully Xbox can look into these issues and try and fix them


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I notice since the april update the dvr does not save game clips and the hand gesture disappeared.

I've noticed the DVR issue as well - in some cases, I'll try and record something and I'll get a message saying, "sorry, we couldn't record that." Other times, it'll record, but then not show up under my Upload clips. :(

Forget Xbox Video and embrace the beauty of DLNA streaming. That way you save money and hard drive space on the console.

I use my 360 to stream all movies and TV shows from my PC and it works wonders. Never buying a DVD or any physical movie media again.