Some fixes that are needed IMO.. controller charge status icon... access to storage...mp3 compatiblity...the ability to use my $100 arcade stick..

I have a few more too, the xbox rep told me to bring these up in the forum and maybe they will be addressed, so that is what i am doing. Another issue is the invite system why do i get invites every 30 seconds? I need to decline it over and over. I would like a option in chat to return to game chat like on 360. I understand why wireless controllers can't be used but if plugged in it shouldn't matter, I am so tired of buying a new arcade stick ever.ytime a new game comes out. It is bad enought that all the stuff we bought doesn't transfer over, eventhough mp4 on 360 is still mp4 on xbox excuse why i cant transfer me videos i have paid for.... To finish this I am one of the lucky few that received a defective Kinect unit and I am now waiting on new one after i gave them credit card number for 500 in case i don't return soon enough... total BS MS. Please give a little to your loyal customers.


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