Some cool facts about the consoles you might not know

I was thinking some of this was interesting.

So while the X1 gets 204GB/s to the GPU and 30GB/s to the CPU with low latency the PS4 gets 176 to the GPU and 20 to the CPU with high latency. Everyone is making a big deal about the GDDR5 (mostly due to lack of knowledge) but the funny fact is the xbox 360 gets 268GB/s to its GPU which is more bandwidth then the PS4 and the X1. Yet nobody says the 260 is the more powerful then the PS4 or X1. (further proof it isn't all about the RAM) it did this using GDDR3 RAM (yup 360 has GDDR RAM) and 10MB eDRAM. the PS3 uses 256MB of XDR Ram for its CPU (which is a high performance RAM up to 230GB/s with a low latency and another 256 of GDDR3 RAM for its GPU.

TL:DR the Ram bandwidth is as follows 360, PS3, X1, PS4 so next time someone tries talking about RAM making the PS4 more powerful, they are basically saying that the 360 and PS3 are more powerful then the next gen versioins ;)


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That is interesting indeed.  Thank you for sharing.

204 max on x1 is a theoretical max. the min is like 109 or something. but the likely is 150ish.


regardless your point is correct, there is a lot more then ram. but everything we know of is faster on ps4, except ram latency

They all say GDDR5 is better than DDR3 but all that ram does is make numorous features/programs run at the same time plus GDDR5 is a derivative of DDR3 ram. If you want your graphics to look better you count on the graphics chip/card, not the ram and to make your games run faster or performance of the architexture you count on the cpu so all the ps4 fanboys are wrong.

Dude your right but whats the point in having a faster 2 lane road when you can have a 3 lane road at slightly less speed, hint. You get more data on the 3 lanes. And ps4 is theoretical peak too.

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They all say GDDR5 is better than DDR3


If this is true then these people need to do some research,what i seen with PS fan boys half of them have no clue as there stupid kids and they think because 5 is greater than 3 it must be better.

One of the things the PS fan boys used to say about the 360 was the amount of kids we had but guess what?  they will be getting the cheaper console so enjoy :)

All I know is Xbox One has DDR3 RAM with a bandwidth of 69.3GB/sec + some benefits with ESRAM. And only a 1.75Ghz clock speed with it's AMD 8 core Jaguar APU, which seems a really slow clock speed with the 3.2Ghz from the Xbox 360. If an APU from AMD has a similar feature to turbo boost in Intel i5/i7's range, or can't Xbox One do a faster clock speed than even 2Ghz? Not sure about the clock speed about PS4's 8 core Jaguar APU. PS4 has GDDR5 with a higher bandwidth of 176GB/sec. Got this info from Wikipedia. Also there's detailed info about the PS4's Blu-ray drive but not much info about Xbox One's Blu-ray drive. According to Wikipedia, PS4 has a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 TFLOPS where as Xbox One has only 1.31 TFLOPS. The GPU is like only 853 Mhz, my PC has 1333 Mhz RAM. Is 1.75Ghz APU and 853 Mhz RAM really going to be acceptable as next gen material for the next 10 years, or is it "something inside" that will help.


It's easy to quickly judge things by their speed. I'm not a PS fan boy. Just stating what I've been reading.

Smiles I really don't know where to start on where you went wrong :) in the nicest possible way, seems your confusing one really fast processor with 8 slower ones which result in a much faster speed overall think of it as 8 x 1.75 instead of 1 x 3.2 the Xbox has much higher bandwidths between core components like CPU to memory and internal apu speeds then the ps4. Your just gonna have to trust us that as it stands currently the Xbox will be better, esp with all its off loading processors.

This is a Very long and dry read, but has some very very good info in it. If you can do it without falling asleep it is enlightening to say the leaset