Some assistance required

Hi Fellow gamers

If someone or some people could be so kind as to help me out with this.

I have recently started to play on xbox live and have found that I mainly play in the middle of the night to distract myself from pain due to surgical problems when I can not sleep.

The problem is and I am sure I am not alone on this one is that I also have a wife who goes nuts if I have the tv on to loud in the middle of the night which is fair enough.

My Tv does have an headphones out socket and I have been using my iphone ear buds but only using one ear bud as I obviously use a wired live headset for the voice chat this is an annoying way of doing it.

I would like to be able to have an all in one set of headphones with a mic built in so that I can hear the game sounds via the headphones and also be able to hear the voicechat and to be able to talk via a mic.

I am fully aware that there are products like turtle beach headphones that can do this but REMEMBER I HAVE A WIFE so spending that kind of money is out of the question period (her words)

I am not someone who needs to have full surround sound headphones that play in dolby 7.1 and all that jazz and at this point would be happy with any headphones that will do all that I am wanting as outlined above.

What are some of the options available to me? and I am meaning with a budget of perhaps $50 (again I am pushing my luck with this amount)

Hopefully someone will come up with a souloution that does not involve me kicking the wife out as she does buy me games after all hehehe :-)



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This is Turtle Beaches offerings.

This is Sharkoons Headsets

This is Tritton/MadCatz offerings

Once you find one you want look around and the prices you can find are easily 20-30% cheaper on amazon and such. Should be able to get a basic stereo headset with Live voice support for around $50 after shipping and taxes.

Thank you Smiling Cat I will take a look

don't get trittons they are shite,i had 2 pairs in 2 weeks and both had mic problems,i now have TB PX21's and they are great