Solid Red Light on Console

I have just experienced the Solid Red Light on the XBox 360 S, and unfortunately my warranty finished 6th November 2013.

I purchased this unit for the purpose of playing movies and watchin TV from my Microsoft Media Centre. This is not the main unit in the house, so if used rarely, and I would guess that the unit has been operating for a maximum of 100 hours in total. The longest the unit would have been on in any single sitting would be 4-6 hours.

The unit is well ventilated and not closed in a cupboard but on a shelf, and is even propped up to allow greater airflow through the vents. I have had RROD errors on the previous model of Xbox 360, so am aware of the overheating issues.

When I spoke to support I was advised this is a “common” heat related issue.

Has anyone else experienced this error?

If the unit’s heatsink, or cooling system are insufficient to prevent the GPU or CPU from failing under normal operating conditions, then surely this is a design fault and should be replaced under warranty or the system recalled.

Unfortunately I am going to have to pay the $115 and send the unit in for "servicing/replacement" but it does sound like the old melting solder issue has not been resolved in the 360S.



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Hi,  I just had the same issue.  The centre green spot light on the power button is normally green.  However, today when I power on (button or from controller), the light goes green and immediately turns red.  I have nothing on the TV, and the controller will not synch (green lights continue to rotate on controller).

Did you ever get an answer?

Any help appreciated.  Thanks, Mark

The red dot on the slim console is basically the new red ring of death.

Your only option is to send it in for repair or buy a new console.

I would suggest a call or post to Support Cardinal.....

Start your own topic as this one is a bit outdated.

Could just be a power supply issue  :(

A red or amber light on a power supply is a power supply issue, a red light on a console is not a power supply issue.

the only time i have ever had this problem was on old white xbox when i use to play call of duty 2 got the "red rings of death" was very sad day i just had to buy a new one

Mark, Response from MS was to send in with $115 for a replacement. It took 3 attempts and about 3 weeks to get the correct paperwork from them so I could even send the old one in for replacement.

Unfortunately this appears to be the same type of fault as the white box 360 RROD.

Shouldn't have sent it in to them, you can get a brand new 4GB one off amazon for $180 that will have a new warranty on it. Then all you'd have to do is swap in your old, probably, bigger hard drive. As it is they'll most likely give you a refurbished one that will still have no warranty on it and will probably break again in three months.

my xbox 360s has just started to stay on red light when I put it on ,, totally gutted as I didn't save on my hard drive , wish I did nw :( ... can eney one help stuck to know what to do as my warranty has run out ..

Your hard drive can be transferred to another console , when you get one.

All you games and saves will still be there, after a license transfer.

Your account can also be downloaded to your new console too, you won`t lose anything.