Sold the wrong model xbox one

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My name is [Mod Removed], I bought a Xbox one back in November 29th 2013 from a gamestop in Lower Burrell, PA.   On February 10th the system stopped working.  I called Microsoft support, they asked if I registered my system I said no.  They asked me for the serial number I gave to them and was put on hold.  When they came back on the phone they said my system had a warranty but it didn't they could replace it but they couldn't because it was the European model Xbox 1.  they said they could send the information up to escalation. after a week of waiting got no response back from the escalation team.  I called back into the customer supportthey put me on hold a look at the past history.  when they came back on the line they told me that they can resubmit it up too escalation. Another week went by and I called back in with still no response from the escalation team. What I was talking to the customer service rep he asked me if I called the GameStop that I purchased the Xbox one from I said no. You put me on hold in to the conference call with the GameStop done in lower burrell Pennsylvania.  we talked to the manager down there she said because I didn't purchase the replacement plan through Gamestop that I'd have to go through Microsoft to get my xbox one replaced. The customer service representative from Gamestop when she got off the phone said that she would let her district manager know. The customer representative from Microsoft said there was nothing they could do except for keep submitting up too escalation.  on March 14th I received an email from escalation saying that there is nothing they can do because is the European model xbox one even know my address was a US address. They said I would have to go through GameStop to try to get my system replaced.I responded back with Tom him he could go back and see the past history of all the call history and sent pictures of my receipt.  still no response I called GameStop and if Microsoft Customer Support both of them are telling me to go to the other. getting nothing done because some one messed up with shipping the xbox one to the wrong location and leaving me with the problem.  So I will post this with a picture of the receipt and xbox box on Facebook and link to both gamestop and Microsoft pages till I get this fixed because this is not my fault that they messed up multiple times.  And going to send to the news papers or wherever I need to send to, to get this fixed


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