Sold out.

After the price reduction and Titanfall bundle gamestop UK has sold out of Xbox one. This id good news.


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Clever marketing.

well it was a limited edition... Kind of knew it would be gone pretty fast

Like the others, it's no surprise, it's limited and the Gamestop price was very low.

You can read about it on website.

told you its all about the price great news

The deal is a very good price for the console titanfall and 1 month of gold. Good marketing ploy by microsoft benefits them and ea.

Great move by Microsoft.

I expected Titanfall to shift quite a few consoles without the price reduction etc but I forsee alot more sales now.

Even better news is it's now been announced the Xbox One plus FIFA 14 is now reduced to £399

GS should do this in the U.S. now. It's tax return time they could sell a boat load.

according to the haters... it is because MS is struggling and taking final swings to stay above water...  economics = none