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Hiya guys and gals iv been thinking about joining a clan for a while but cant seem to find the right one so iv decided to make my own. IV called it sofa soldiers and have decided to base the UK clan/member communtiy of battlefield 3. I was sick and tired of playing a game that was realsitic but having COD style players running around noobtubeing every five seconds and playing the camping game. I no alot of people enjoy playing in that style but i no alot of people would rather play a game where there was a decent squad leader, a dedicated medic, light gunner sniper and people not running away and doing there own thing. so Thats why i made this clan/member communtiy. I really want to give people the chance to use there tactics and play like a real soldier as i am a ex royal marine commando myself. I will be hopeing to get private servers for members in the future but im not willing to run before i can crawl i want the communtiy to grow before we do it. We are open to all type of members, race, age but you must have a mic, a good sense of command, knowlodge of commands {not that hard really i.e. contact front} and to be able to have a laugh and a fair game. more rules are on the website but there arnt that many. Plus due to the website being new i will be needing admins as well so if you fancy joining the sofa soldiers and becoming a member/admin go have a look at the website, we hope to see you on the battlefield very soon.


the website is

please do drop and check it out, i really want this to lift off and become big.

P.s.things im hopeing to do in the future are: buy private servers on BF3, introduce new games, competitions and more members lol


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Hey there i really hope this takes off for you. it is not easy getting a clan off the ground but keep plugging away and you will get there in the end.

I will happily pop over and sign up but i already have a clan but won't hurt to be a forum member if that's ok??