So... Who plays BC2 regularly & will be buying BF3?

Hey everyone.

So, who here still plays BC2 regularly & is getting BF3 on the 27th? I'm looking for some Aussies/ New Zealanders to play BC2 with, & also will be jumping over to BF3.. Everyone I play BC2 with is from far over sea's, so there hardly ever on when i am.

I play to have fun,but also like to win. BC2 is the only game I really ever play so you'll always find me on the battlefield. Most of the time I play with randoms, or I'm just lone wolfing it. I'm hardly, if never, the wookie sitting back in a bush 3km's from a flag taking in the scenery & watching enemy's run by. I'll use that rifle like an **** weapon.

So, if you still play BC2(regularly) & will be getting BF3, then shoot me a friend's request.

P.S - I didn't post this in the XBL Community Discussion because hardly anyone reads that area.

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