So where's the good news?

Just curious. Everything I'm seeing online is either, bad Xbox One news or no Xbox One news at all. Without going back and checking, I'm almost positive there's more positive things being said about the Wii U then the Xbox One. o.O Am I just missing something?

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The good news is the ones enjoying it are busy playing it!

And where are the bad news ?

An update coming february 11th ?

Another one coming march 5th ?

Titanfall beta ?

Project Spark beta ?

The release of Plants vs Zombies GW late february ?

The release of The Thief late february ?

The release of Titanfall in march ?


Ha ... well, yeah.  Im liking mine a good bit as well.  Its just that there's practically zero new info out there it seems.  Like, if I didn't have one and was looking into what new system to buy; between the lack of info on the xbox one, and the glut of PS4 info out there in the wild, wild internet the xbox one would be a tough, tough sell.

Those online complaining are the ones not enjoying the console they chose to buy. Also a lack of games makes most crabby and bored enough to attack their chosen console. I'm having a blast playing my X1 and then going back and playing my 360. I got Lords of Shadow 2, Thief, and Fable Anniversary then Titanfall to look forward to.

On another note, how many people love that other consoles commercial with the two guys playing an mmo that's not out, a driving game that got delayed and the only exclusive that most are bored of? It's such a perfect day! Greatness keeps you waiting!

Ok, I refuse to learn HTML to post in a forum so this is in response to Tzar of kaos.  

You can take everything you posted, and each thing minus maybe PvZ has negativity tied to it.  The updates are almost downplayed as 'not enough'. TF Beta 'Upcoming Titanfall Beta Requires Access Code' & 'Closed Beta' would make me think theres no guarantee to get in.  Theif, first thing that pops up is it'll run at an inferior resolution.  Project Spark info seems ok, but is that enough?  

I really, really like my xbox one - a lot.  I get that, bottom line, that's all that matters.  Wanting to read some positive news on it shouldn't be an effort though.  

Fire MS's marketing team maybe? lol

Some people are glass half full types...others are glass half empty....I think the OP falls into the latter.

You can look on most sites these days and find the bad news, is it really bad news though? from what I read it's the usual fanboys throwing insults at each other ... "My console is better than yours because" .... "Your console is crap because" .. thankfully though these people are a very small % of gamers, most people are just getting on with enjoying their consoles, whatever one they chose.

Look past this rubbish and I don't see any major bad news ...

As others have said ...

1 update due very soon that's going to stop a lot of complaints. Another update due around the release of Titanfall that will sort out more.

So I'd say it's mostly positive news, I mean as time goes on the nearer the game releases get :-)

Ah, no.  Not at all.  I'm not exactly sure how that ties in with the question exactly either.  I'm not preaching doom and gloom.  Just wondering where the positive articles are.  Unless I'm missing something they're very - very - limited.  Meanwhile, the competitions available info is the polar opposite.  You can look at everything from to IGN, to a crapsite like N4G and the trends are the same.

EDIT: That was a reply to Burnin TODI.

If Im going to keep replying, I'll do the HTML thing to avoid confusion lol

Maybe its where you get your news?? I only go to a select few sites, is my favorite....because they pretty much stick to facts of the news, they moderate their comments section and keep the trolls out.

I like my console but I do complain a little bit. That's ok, it's my right. I'm glad the update will hopefully fix some of the things I've been complaining about. Also, new games should start rolling out soon.


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