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We all know the Xbox One had a bad launch with all the glitches in the system, especially the horrific party chat system being unbearable. I sure would like to use that much more so I can play with my friends online. Anyway, I am curious where is the thread saying the next available updates for the Xbox One.


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mmmmm k

I wouldn't say it had a bad launch.  Some people had bad experiences but that doesn't mean bad launch.  As far as I can tell my x1 is constantly updating little things here and there.  I keep noticing little changes almost daily.  Yes it sucks the chat is weird but I wouldn't say its horrific, I've used it just fine on a few ovations.  I would say at most it has wrinkles that are getting worked out.  You could bring up positives like the network didn't crash or the fun you are having in the games even though ur chat is not working properly.  Not attacking you in any way just trying to help see positives in this negative console world we live in.  Game on!

We all know it had a bad launch, huh?  It did not.  For what the console is, i'd say it had a pretty good launch.  With all these internet functionality of these next-gen consoles, errors are bound to happen.

I'd say a bad launch would be all consoles being bricked out of the box or the internet being down and not letting anyone play.  Those did not happen to the XB1.

ya'll postin in a troll thread.  Im sure OP is happy with his PS4.