So we can kind of customize our dashboard right?

What if in future updates, MS took it bit farther and had more fancy customizations other than just simply changing the color of the tiles?

What about adding textures to the tiles as well, like flames, or graffiti styles? Maybe being able to change the text on the tiles to calligraphy or something.Maybe even getting our favorite game as a theme for each tile.

I was thinking this would be a really cool and more unique thing for each user. the possibilities are endless.

What do you guys think?


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That would be nice.

I would always take more customizing options, yeah. As of right now the Pins section is enough for me. Organizing everything I want to do right up front is basic but perfect. As long as everything moves fast and smooth I'll be happy.

It would be nice if they were to allow backgrounds like on the 360.

Sounds like a good idea, maybe posting it in the feedback forums would get it seen

Yes, that does sound nice. :)

All I want to do as add one of my favourite pictures to the Dashboard background like you can with 360. But heard you can only change the colour of the Dashboard background not put a picture? Is this true or will we have to wait for an update? If you can add a picture to the Dashboard background like for 360, they should allow you too for 1. M implies you can "personalize" your Xbox. Someone commented you may not be able to add a picture to the Dashboard background cuz the Tiles are live or something.

Last dashboard I liked was on Xbox360 way back when you could customize just about everything. Can't remember if it was the blades version or the one just before or after that.


It would be nice if you could customize the dash to fit your personal taste but I suppose MS is still pumped up about the greatness of Win8 and fail to see it's one of the worst UIs ever.