So my freind invited me to preview over 2 days ago

My freind invited me to preview over 2 days ago. So icontqct support and tell them about my issue of not reciving a message from xbl yet, they say i have a P so it means im invited, but where is my xbl message. its taking forever considering the wait time 24-48hr s


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You got off lucky, I've been waiting six days for the message, I hear it takes even longer once you register your console, but it's because so many people are trying to sign up what with windows 10 streaming and xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Lmao I still don't have the message yet

Same here any idea if its going through yet ?

You have to remember that alot of people are trying to get invited that is going to create a backlog

Also getting invited doesnt automatically mean you will be accepted

You are just put on the waiting list after you accept the invite

it took me about a week to get my invite. Then it took 48hrs from accepting the invite to get the update and then 24hrs to approve my registration.

mine invited me well over 7 days ago. heard nothing from them at all

i would really be thankfull for an invite and would help others the same way

I invited two of my friends and they had preview app in 48 hours.