So Many Issues With Updates!

You would think someone at Microsoft/XBOX might admit there was a problem!  Just look at how many people are having problems with updates causing serious issues. And yet the sticky thread about "Issues with Updates" has not been updated!!! Thread after thread after thread should be enough to convince SOMEONE that the issue was caused by the update.

We have been without our system now since 12/13/13. I have talked to two reps online, and two over the phone. This issue was caused by the update, but no one seems to care.  If it were not for my kids, I would smash this machine and send it back to Microsoft in pieces. The fact that your hardware tech had the gall to say it was a "pre-existing hardware condition" that was somehow "triggered by the update", and so that makes it MY problem, not theirs, really goes against every bit of support ethics I ave ever heard.

Shame on you, Microsoft, for releasing a clearly flawed and damaging update to your system right before the holidays.

Not that anyone in support actually cares, but this was my issue as reported:

Here is my problem. I can't even get on to the system to do anything suggested in the help or other posts. 
I get the initial XBOX splash page and then it attempts to run the update for about 2 seconds, then an error message that says
 "Cannot update your console. Please visit
Error Code: 4099-40A3-2380-2517-C000-0185"

I have tried removing and replacing the hard drive, updating via USB as well as updating via CD. But nothing has changed at all.
In addition, I can't even get in to the system to try to clear the cache, delete profiles, etc.

And still no admission from anyone or even an apology!

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