So im returning to Xbox... but i need help!!

Hi Guys

Its been a while since i've been on here, started to get into my pc gaming but now wanna return to my roots and get back into the console side of gaming.


Ive got a few questions if anyone is able to help??

1 -  Im looking for a cheap 360, not bothered about which model it is - where can i get the cheapest 

2 - how do i set up live?? do i need to do it via the 360 once i have it or can i do it before, so that i already have my gamer tag

3 - wheres the cheapest place for a years live membership at the mo??

and finally number 4... what games can you recommend me that are exclusive for the 360. ive played al the halos / gears etc so what else is there

I feel like a born again newbie!!








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1. You really should be bothered. Anything but the new S is liable to break on you as the reliability of those consoles are far from great.

2. You just add Gold to this account you've made. Can be done here, or on the 360.

3. It really depends on the day. Some online places can be cheap, just check out google

4. Unless you love Kinect, don't expect a huge amount of exclusives this year or next.

Id set up the gamertag on the console, you might be able to do it on the pc but  im not sure how you would get it n the xbox but it might be easy to do, amazon for £35  or £32 from here

I cant say ive seen it cheaper than £32

If you create your gamertag on the console you'll get a free months worth of gold membership (providing of course its a new console and not used its quota of free trials up)


Creating a GT on this website means you don't the free month ... worth bearing in mind

You get deals all the time, i recently got 2 months live for 2 quid im just going to keep getting these offers if they are on seems the cheapest way.

Alan Wake was a decent console exclusive. Its a bit short but if you like survival horror games you'd probably enjoy it.

Alan Wake is £8 in Asda at the minute too, Bargain.

nice one guys!!

appreciate the feedback!!

so any ideas wheres the best cheapest deal for a console "S" at the mo??

Check out your local supermarkets,Tesco got them new 250g HDD for about £180ish with a couple of games thrown in.  

If you (or a friend) have Costco membership, they are doing the 250gb for £160 inc vat.

Otherwise, look out for bundles from Game or Amazon etc. You can normally get a good deal. Remember that to be a good deal, the bundle needs to include games that you actually want!