So I'm in!

Okay so I wasn't going to do it but I did. I just picked up an Xbox one. I'm an old gamer 46 but I just love gaming and always get all consoles.

My first impression is so so. I haven't played any games yet just set it up trying to feel my way around. So far I don't like the layout and everything seems much harder to find then on the 360. I guess over time it will grow on me. I also tried the voice command's and think that's not for me, I just find using a controller easier. ( hard to teach an old dog new tricks) Anyway downloading Titanfall now and can't wait to try it out.

Any tips or tricks that anyone has to help me out with the voice Kinect combo would be much appreciated. I can't seem to get the thing to do much.



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Yea you gotta play around with the UI abit to find everything, I used Kinect for like an hour and d/c'd it. Good console just wanting for some good non-fps games.

I sent you a friend invite. I'm an older timer too...who can hold his own. hehe

I think they will continue to update it and the navigation will become similar to the 360.  The 360 had it so close to perfect.

I'm not sure what kinds of games your into but I would recommend Ryse.  I heard it might receive a price drop for the digital download.  Battlefield is an obvious upgrade from the 360 counterpart.  The increase in lobby size is a huge plus.  The sports games look beautiful.....and you have got to remember, these are the first releases.  Think back to the games released on 360 way back when.  Compare those to GTA V, skyrim, BF4, ect.  Once Devs have some time with the new system and microsoft has some time to catch up on updates, this console is going to be a quality next gen console.  $500 may sound like alot, but you really are getting a steal.  Go look at $500 laptops and you will understand exactly what I'm saying.

Oh and welcome to the club!

Take advantage of the HDMI pass through to see if it is for you.  Very cool when it works and you jump between gaming and TV and back seamlessly.  I have to admit I don't use it anymore.  I played the hell out of Dead Rising 3 so recommend it.

I have a feeling Titanfall is going to move some XOne's.

Thanks for the info so far. I picked up Forza with the console and want to get  power star golf. (Is it any good??)

I have ghost bf4 madden and fifa  for the ps4.

I just did the training for titanfall and will give it a go tomorrow .

Thanks again,

Titanfall is the new halo/cod.  It will definitely be a console seller when it gets going.  The beta by itself is worth $60....and knowing that Dev team, this game is going to be a whole lot more.

The beta is worth nothing. It is 2 maps very few guns and perks.  Game is overall a lot of fun though.

@OP powerstar golf is a pretty fun game. With all the different variations of challenges it will definitely take dedication to beat the majority, or all of the game.

I abandoned Kinect pretty early on but my best advice would be...e·nun·ci·ate.

Best thing with kinect is to talk as you normally would.Works 99.9% of the time. When i play 360 i hate that the first kinect isnt as good to navigate with

if the kinect seems to be not listening or understanding you... you may need to reclaibrate it again.. this time with the volume louder than what you normally have it set.... The controller may seem easier to use right now... but trust me.. it is not... much faster and much more convenient to use the voice commands... especially when you get used to them...  it takes time... and at first you sound like a robot and feel weird talking to your TV but once you get used to how you say the commands and at what volume... it starts to become more natural...

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