So, I looked at Ryse closely yesterday on youtube in 1080p...

And I have to looks really nice. 

My conclusion is that even with the X1 having slower RAM....if they get the cloud thing working, which I think will only be used for exclusives much how the PS3 exclusives are the only games that really take advantage of the PS3's power and look 10x better than the multiplats, the X1 could really blow ppl away with it's graphics.

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I've got the game.. Haven't played it a whole lot (as BF4 now fixed for me) is kinda the only thing my mates play.. It looks amazing (I'm assuming its 1080p) but don't really care..  The game itself is a bit repetitive but I will go back to it at some point to finish it.

It's a shame you have not played more, I found the more I played Ryse the more I wanted to, it's the kind of game that grows on you, the visuals are fantastic.

ICN3D im shocked to find a thread like this from you. My hat is off to you Sir.... I played and completed Ryse and i thought IMO that it was the best looking game i have played, it all looked very stunning. I also enjoyed the online and the way it would put you into a game.

Way too much emphasis on native resolution. All games are output at 1080p regardless the native resolution. The quality of the textures is much more important than the native resolution. Ryse is a great example of a game with quality textures vs. native resolution. The latest GT on the PS3 is a great example of a native 1080p game with lower quality textures. You can't simply use 1080p as a baseline for measuring graphic quality.


It is 900p and yes it looks fantastic.

I think the graphics are awesome. But one thing I hardly come across is people praising the story.

I honestly think it's one of the best I've ever played. About halfway through the game, I learned to forgive the repetitive gameplay, because the story was great, and had moments that really gave me the chills.

Even if you crank the Resolution up to 1080p on Youtube you're still not getting any true idea of the visuals for this game.

It's worth experiencing on the ONE if you get the chance.

Reviews are in a sorry state at the moment because most of the reviews for "Ryse: Son of Rome" were ridiculous.

Complaining that in a game where you take control of a Roman Centurion... that all you seem to do is kill people as a Roman Centurion doesn't really sound like a legitimate criticism.  Especially when this is the reason that most people bought the game in the first place.

Also I'm not sure if people simply have short attention spans or are really impatient... but rushing through on Recruit, then complaining the game didn't seem that hard and was over too quickly is another sign of a poor critique to me.

After one playthrough you've not even unlocked all skills, movesets and executions and you know what you're doing so well that the beginning of each consecutive playthrough is a treat in and of itself.

It's embarassing watching alleged gamers and alleged critics alike trying to put down "Ryse" and "Titanfall" like they're badmouthing a successful neighbour that they're simply jealous of.

That's not aimed at anyone in this thread.  Just the general impression I've gotten from the internet.


Exactly. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but the gameplay fit perfectly, I think. You can't expect a Roman to shoot flames from his nips for cast a spell. QTE's may not be everyone's favorite, but I enjoyed the limb chopping very much.

It's definately a strange one.  When "Batman: Arkham Asylum" used visual queues to allow the player to dodge and counter it was revolutionary gameplay and praised as a brilliant combat system.

When "Ryse" uses queues to allow you to maximise your combos... you get game sites complaining "Playing Ryse is like dialling a telephone number".

What a bunch of idiots.

Once you get the hang of it pulling off combos becomes both awesome and satisfying as you challenge to see just how high you can get your multiplier to go.

@ N7 - I've said it many times...I'm not a Sony troll.  I call things like I see them.  Ryse impressed I made a thread about it.  I'm not against the X1/MS.

@ the mod who edited my post - It wasn't bait for hate...just thought some would think there was a hidden agenda behind my post.  It's not fair though to comment on my the edit though...since some will not know what you're talking about.

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